Dr. Qasim Bukhari

I am a computational neuroscientist at McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working with John D. E. Gabrieli.

I have trained with world leading neuroscientists including Terry Sejnowski, John Gabrieli, Markus RudinKlaas Enno Stephan, David Borsook and Lino Becerra. My unique contribution to research is integration of sophisticated engineering tools to ask translational and basic neuroscience questions by combining my expertise in neuroscience and engineering. I have been developing softwares for basic, preclinical and clinical MRI research.

I use computational models and engineering tools to investigate the normal as well as abnormal functions of brain and use machine learning to predict the treatment as well as disease outcomes. I have worked with pre-clinical, clinical and basic psychological brain data from fMRI, MRI and DTI to study the relationship between different conditions, identify differences in brain connectivity and investigate the neuroscience basis of those differences.

My current and previous affiliations